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Babies need to be given the opportunity to stretch out and explore the space around them. This gives them the opportunity to develop co-ordination and movement skills, and the opportunity to be physically active. This will all contribute to the strengthening of muscles and core strength which is so important for larger movements to develop.

Place your baby on a mat or blanket with a few objects around them such as scarves, textured cloth books, rattles and scrunchy toys. Leave their hands and feet bare so they can feel the different textures around them. It’s great if you can get down onto the floor with them. Have some face-to-face time and play peek-a-boo, use a sing-song voice with lots of smiles encouraging your little one to follow you with their gaze. Wiggle, scrunch and rattle the different items you’ve provided to encourage your little one to turn their head or reach for them.

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