Working together with mothers and midwives

20 October 2014

The Foundation Years Trust is supporting the Royal College of Midwives’ campaign for better maternity care.  Less stress during pregnancy and child birth results in better outcomes for mothers and babies.  When mothers are depressed after birth or babies fretful or unsettled, they face more difficulties in the crucial early months and years.  The Trust’s strategy for tackling child poverty emphasises that mothers, fathers and babies need the best possible experience at this period of their lives, and the RCM’s campaign ‘Pressure Points – the case for better postnatal care’ will have a significant impact on this.

The Trust is discussing with the Royal College of Midwives ways to identify pregnant women whose babies are likely to struggle when they start school. As the key professionals who assess, support and signpost women during pregnancy, midwives are already watching out for any clinical, social or emotional difficulties.  The Trust seeks to establish whether assessments of pregnant women made by midwives during pregnancy could predict, as far as is possible, the outcomes for those babies.  It then aims to link this work to additional help, provided for mothers and their families, so that problems such as poor attachment between mother and child are avoided or tackled.