Stories for You and Yours

Stories for You and Yours supports families from pregnancy to when their children start school. There are three objectives for this support:

  • Managing the emotional challenges of pregnancy and early parenthood and any stress, distress or anxiety experienced.  For example, by hearing and reading literature which relates to their situation within an adult space where there are opportunities to share feelings and experiences; a facilitated group where emotions and memories are explored safely; encouragement to speak and sing, to allow themselves a voice. 
  • Providing accessible and flexible ways parents can develop their confidence and enjoyment in parenting through reading and song.  For example, groups where parents and children can enjoy singing and reading stories to children and babies; building parents’/carers’ self-esteem and confidence in singing and reading aloud to their children; modelling and supporting interactive reading and singing with children.
  • Improving parents’ knowledge, understanding and involvement in children’s early learning and development though reading and song.  For example, provide age-appropriate books, songs and nursery rhymes for children and parents/carers to explore, share and enjoy; encouragement through structured reading and singing to support the building blocks of child development - behaviour adjustment, language and cognition, and daily living skills. Encouraging parents/carers to visit and join libraries and to incorporate adult and child reading into their home lives.

Stories for You and Yours is delivered by a Reader Organisation trained facilitator and two play workers.

Stories for You & Yours offer structured singing and reading aloud to babies and children, as a group and individually, followed by 20-30 minutes when parents/carers read adult poems and short stories aloud and/or listen to reading, discuss what has been read and can share their thoughts, memories or feelings.  Whilst the adults read and talk, the children play separately with play workers

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