Bump-Start and baby

Support through pregnancy and beyond

Bump-Start supports families from the antenatal period until the baby is 6 months old.  There are 3 elements to this support:

Managing the practical challenges of pregnancy and early parenthood and any distress or anxiety experienced.  This includes help to access benefits, grants and baby equipment; support relating to debt and housing difficulties; support to deal with conflict around relationships, domestic violence or the expectations of statutory services; offer of a birth partner. 

Understanding and promoting babies' development, even before they are born, for a great start in life.  This includes support around mum’s diet and avoidance or reduction of harmful behaviours; encouragement to explore how a baby hears in the womb and responds when new born; how a baby develops well when they are responded to and stimulated; encouragement of healthy infant feeding and support for breastfeeding.

Accessing antenatal services, support for parents with new babies and specialist services, where appropriate.  This includes encouragement and assistance to attend antenatal appointments and classes; health visitor/Healthy Child services; parent-infant mental health services and antenatal/postnatal exercise.

We encourage our Bump Start parents to attend our Play Together groups for babies.  Details of the venues where we are delivering groups can be found here.

Bump-Start is delivered by specially trained volunteers who offer flexible support on a weekly basis, keeping in touch by phone or home visit and offer more intensive support when it is wanted.  Bump-Start volunteers are trained as birth partners for isolated mums and for those who need someone with them unexpectedly. 

Please see leaflet including how to make referrals here.